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  1. More than nine years of Information Technology experience in Analysis, Design & Development (including one year of programming experience in VC++, Java and ASP as part of course curriculum).

    More than Five years of experience in Architecture Design and Programming.

    Experience in Programming using ASP.Net, C#, Java, ASP, VB, VB.NET, VC++, PHP, HTML and Advance JavaScript.

    Worked extensively on .NET Web Services, Remoting, Web 2.0 & N-Tier Architecture.

    Expertise in Online Video Streaming & Encoding


  2. As I know you you are Tech Chef…Can cook code irrespective of environment, domain, embedded, open source, restricted or unsecured and crack that resistance of ‘impossible’. Add that you can audit technically challenging innovations, solutions, mash ups, products and RIA, Create single point solutions with .Net, Java, QT, and open source technologies with disparate DBs- all talking and throwing up user feeds in real time through automated EAI wrappers and code synchronizers into the platform the customer chooses to use 🙂 kya bolta guru


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