USACO 2017 January Contest. Problem 1. Cow Dance Show

After several months of rehearsal, the cows are just about ready to put on their annual dance performance; this year they are performing the famous bovine ballet “Cowpelia”. The only aspect of the show that remains to be determined is the size of the stage. A stage of size K can support K cows dancing simultaneously. The N cows in the […]

1477. Find Two Non-overlapping Sub-arrays Each With Target Sum

Given an array of integers arr and an integer target. You have to find two non-overlapping sub-arrays of arr each with sum equal target. There can be multiple answers so you have to find an answer where the sum of the lengths of the two sub-arrays is minimum. Return the minimum sum of the lengths of the two required sub-arrays, or return -1 if you cannot find such two […]

Leetcode – 23. Merge k Sorted Lists

You are given an array of k arrays/linked-lists arrays, each array/linked-list is sorted in ascending or descending order. Merge all the arrays/linked-lists into one sorted array/linked-list and return it. Example 1: Input: arrays= [[1,4,5],[1,3,4],[2,6]] Output: [1,1,2,3,4,4,5,6] Explanation: The arrays/linked-lists are: [ 1->4->5, 1->3->4, 2->6 ] merging them into one sorted array/list: 1->1->2->3->4->4->5->6 Constraints: k == arrays.length 0 <= […]

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List of all good posts on Leetcode. Comment down whichever I am missing and I will add all of them here – DP for beginners by @wh0ami –[LIST –] Graph for beginners by @wh0ami –[LIST –] Sliding window for beginners by @wh0ami –[LIST –] DP Patterns by @aatalyk – Leetcode patterns from edu_cative_dot_io by @late_riser […]